Ralph: “A neighbour down the road told me that because I was over 70 I’d be able to get free loft insulation but they had no idea how to go about getting it.

“I worked as a technician at Nottingham University for 48 years but since 2000 I’ve been retired. I lead an active life — I’m never bored — I’m chairman of the local bowls club and I also do target shooting. But since retiring I’ve spent more time at home and I’ve noticed the bills go up.

“When I saw an advert in the paper for the Home Heat Helpline I thought I’d give them a call and ask about the free insulation. I got through straightaway. It all happened very quickly. I got put through to my energy supplier and they made an appointment to come and do a survey.

“Just five weeks after calling the Home Heat Helpline we’ve had 11 inch thick insulation put in the loft. I’ve already noticed a difference.”

Susan: “When we had the insulation done we thought of our friend Ida and her husband. Ida must be nearly 80 now and doesn’t get out much. She lives in quite an old house and I know she spends a lot on heating because she’s at home all day.

“She has trouble on the phone so we called the Home Heat Helpline for her and got a survey done in no time at all.

“It’s so easy, I’d advise everyone to call them.”

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