“I used to be a librarian but I had to retire after I had a heart attack and some serious back problems. My wife retired two years ago, so our monthly income has taken a bit of a dip and what with fuel bills rising it’s been a bit of a worry. We started to look around for ways to save money and I felt we could cut our heating bills if we made our home more energy efficient.

“We’ve lived here for about 26 years and really love it. We don’t want to move so the best thing to do is improve your home the best you can. We have family nearby and twice a week look after our two little grandchildren. People always say how warm and welcoming our house is but the boiler’s getting really old now and causing us problems.

“I was so glad that I called the Home Heat Helpline. They were really friendly and helpful and answered the phone straightaway. They told me about cavity wall insulation and how I could save money by claiming a discount if I used a registered company.

“We had the wall insulation done and it’s made a big difference already. It only took two hours. They drill a row of holes all the way around the house; it’s so neat that you really have to look to spot it. I know some old people worry about things like this but I would reassure them that’s it’s really worth doing.”

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